Author and radio speaker of the international Live Radio Show "Burns Envy, only Hits!" aka "Brucia di invidia, solo grandi successi!" (since 2011) from Italy, On Air on different web-radios talking about new music releases and previous from all over the world. Submissions: 
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Born and raised in the shadow of Torrazzo of Cremona (IT), town famous for the production of its famous Nougat and in the production of Stringed Instruments that are linked to the figures of Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati.
Since childhood, she demonstrated a strong interest and aptitude for art activities, choosing as a didactic tool the drums, and then she interested in the study of modern singing.
At the same time, in 1997 she attained an Accounting Software Programmer High School Diploma and the following years, she deepened her IT skills qualifying in Digital Technologies.
Singer, songwriter, author, radio speaker, DJ Producer, Beat Maker, Photographer and much more.

In June 2008 participated in the musical "Carpe Diem" at the Theatre "Filo"in Cremona as a singer - actress - dancer. After attended a course with the famous film's actress Barbara Enrichi (David di Donatello Awards '97) and she recited in the video "Star for a Day " (revisiting scene of an Italian film).
Several important shows following:
- 09.06.09 Theatre "Filo" in Cremona Musical "The Wizard of Oz"
- 14/06/2009 Theatre Monteverdi of Cremona in the parody "The Legacy". 
Participating in various singing competitions, in 2010 reached the Festival Saint Vincent final.
Guest in several emerging showcases such as Radio Popolare Roma 103.30, NewTalentsRadio, RadioStarTV, and more, in various interviews such as in the newspaper "The Voice of Nisseno" and others, Raffaella shared her music as composer and songwriter. 
On March 2011, she participated at TVS Masterclass_Milan, Italy_Spring 2011 by the master teacher Robert Lunte internationally recognized for modern techniques of singing (
recommended by David Kershenbaum: producer of many artists such as  Duran Duran, Tracy Chapman, Joe Jackson, Laura Branigan, Bryan Adams, Supertramp, Cat Stevens, Elkie Brooks, and Tori Amos...), embracing definitely this method as technique for the vocal study, after others studied over the years. 
On April 5, 2012 the label Believe Digital distributed worldwide
 her EP "Fragments of my dream" with the single "Ragazzi", reviewed and hosted with a preview on (PRESS)
In June 2014 she participated in the "Summer Classes" - Dubbing Workshop" by the teacher and actor Luca Ward
(celebrity voices: Russell Crowe, Samuel L. Jackson, Keanu Reeves, Hugh Grant, Antonio Banderas, Kevin Costner ... and much more)
On September 23rd, 2014 is out in all the cinemas the film "Italy in a Day" directed by Gabriele Salvatores and with executive producer Ridley Scott where Raffaella participated with her video. The film was screened out of competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2014 and later televised on Rai 3, day September 27, 2014.
Her music as the song Angels Of The Silence, song complaint against pedophilia, have supported the World Vision worldwide association that helps less fortunate children across Reverbnation platform.

On 15th August 2015 she wins The Akademia Music Award Best Pop Rock EP for the music release ‘Fragments Of My Dream’  becoming into the Top40 Charts official site. Akademia Award is a rare career distinction.  
April 21, 2016, there was the Akademia Gala Event in Los Angeles - California for all artists awarded. 
July 25, 2016, released the official video of Angels Of The Silence song available on her YouTube and Vevo channel, winning the award  September 2016 Winner - Best Music Video Alternative Rock by Akademia Music from Los Angeles. 
On July 12th, 2017 is out the 'instant grat track' "Lost" on iTunes, who anticipates the official release on July 21st, 2017 of the acoustic album "Virtual Puzzle" in physical and digital worldwide distribution.
The album was mixed and mastered at GoPla SoundLab studios (US and Mexico) which credits are: BreakThru Mixer Award Nominee at the 2014 Pensado Awards, international artists such as Neal Schon (Journey, Bad English, Hardline, Carlos Santana ...) Sean Paul ( Enrique Iglesias, Paul McCartney...), Scott David ( Synthpop/Darkwave, A Covenant of Thorns...)  and many more. 

October 14th, 2018 is out the official video of the country music duet "Nel Vento" available on her YouTube channel, selected between 10000 participants for the Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (Mumbai). 
The video was selected for, also: 
Music Shorts Film Festival 2019 - Missoula/MT - USA (May 14, 2019)
MoziMotion Film Festival 2019 - North Holland - Netherlands (October 5 – 13, 2019)
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions Pinewood Studios, England - UK (December 15 – 22, 2019). 

In July 2020 she becomes an active member of ISSA - International Singer/ Songwriter Association, based in Atlanta - Georgia - USA. 
During the Lockdown period due to Covid-19, Raffaella participated in the great music production of the
international music project "We Will Overcome":  fifteen months in the making, the original single 'We Will Overcome' premiered on July 1st, 2021. On behalf of the organizers of this project, Angelica Ganea and Giuseppe Mileto, a special Thank You to the 48 participants from 40 countries for sharing their gift of voice and ​making It possible to bring this massive project to reality. The goal of this project is to send a message of hope to all our brothers and sisters around the world and raise funds for those in need in each of our communities.

On November 5th 2021 the new Concept-EP "AIRAM R. - the other SIDE of me" is officially released by Believe Music, available on all music digital stores and streaming platforms to provide a new listening experience in EDM music influenced by various music styles. The EP composed by 4 tracks, each of which contributes to giving meaning as a whole, is also accompanied by the official video, published on her YouTube channel, for the song My Identity. Introspective musical journey in search of oneself made of fears, reflections, expectations and vision in a constant transformation, between reality and illusion. 
Inspired by the famous phrase "Don't you know, If you don't step outside yourself, you'll never discover who you are'" by José Saramago in The Tale of the Unknown Island, Raffaella takes us into a game of mirrors, upside images, in the continuous perception of one's own being in seeing his figure reflected and distorted. A journey that reserves many surprises between questions and answers "... who are you, my double image, as a perfect stranger you make me doubt myself ...", from the search for who we really are to the realization of one's own awareness, in spite of a society that it would take molded us with its customs and traditions.
Airam R. - the other SIDE of me is the result of Raffaella's years of study as DJ Producer and Beat Maker as a real new debut with a renewed visual style, new choices in sound design and instrumentation, made of modern sounds, synth effects and electronic elements again experimenting with her versatile voice.

Currently, her music is playing on many national and international fm. and web radios and her artistic career is constantly evolving with many collaborations in different music genres. 

What people say about her music from all around the world:

"The beautiful, trilingual Italian has delivered an exquisite assemblage of passionate pop gems, fragments of the full regalia she will one day inhabit as a world-famous singer and songwriter - her new EP is that promising." Best EP Pop/Rock August 2015  by Akademia Music Award

" 'Angels Of The Silence' is a gorgeous paean to the silent sacrifice of many - Raffaella Piccirillo has created an anthem for the ages with this gorgeously lensed video" September 2016 Best Music Video Alternative Rock by Akademia Music Award

"Wow! Great song and artist! Raffaella Piccirillo from Cremona (Italy) lays down a beautiful track here. This song def gave me the tingles. Beautiful voice, the production is a A+ and very uplifting. This track gives people hope" (Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Sister Dorothy's Music Blog)

"It is a fact that there is no shortage of acoustic singer songwriters but Raffaella Piccirillo manages to distinguish herself with a delightfully accented and somewhat theatrical vocal style and a generally spirited approach to the performance of her song Lost" ( July 23, 2017 Bluesbunny)
“Una voz italiana que seduce. 
Lo úlmo que nos había llamado la atención de la península itálica fue ese tsunami de bandas metaleras de mediados de la década de 1990 como Lacuna Coil, Theatres des Vampires y Rhapsody Of Fire entre otras. Luego han surgido algunas otras de menor vuelo pero lo que nos impresionó fueron la calidad, versalidad y duclidad de las vocalistas de las primeras bandas mencionadas, Crisna Scabbia y Sonya Scarlet respecvamente. A parr de allí pusimos el ojo en las femmes italianas porque nos pareció suamamente interesante como hecho arsco que pudieran lograr voces tan frescas como femeninas y poderosas, muy disnta la impronta de otras mujeres del eslo y sus variantes. En esta oportunidad una chica nacida en 1978 y criada a la sombra de Torrazzo de Cremona - Italia -, ciudad famosa por su famoso turrón y la producción de instrumentos de cuerda que están vinculados a las figuras de Stradivari, Guarneri y Ama. Estamos hablando de Raffaella Piccirillo” (domingo, 9 de junio de 2019 DELTA80, Argentina) 

"LOST by Raffaella Piccirillo is a fresh and original composition that sings about lost love without the overall use of bluesy, minor tones and without lyrics of lost hope in a challenging romantic situation. This interesting and pleasant surprise of bright instrumentals coupled with hopeful and committed romantic lyrics and vocal styling makes what is commonly a sad song one that is hopeful as the listener can hear the happiness coming around the corner. Nice. " (21st February 2021, Grace B. from United States)

“Diamo il benvenuto a questo nuovo progetto musicale di Raffaella Piccirillo, un progetto musicale che ci gasa tanto e Raffaella che sia indie rock o electro dimostra sempre di “avere la musica nel sangue” e di avere quel quid che forse ad altri manca” by System Failure webzine (12th November 2021, from Italy)

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Some foreign collaborations: 
- song "Please come back to me"
- song "Believe (Bavar)"
- song "Memory"
- song "Dreamer" with Peyman Khan (music and music management and production in International College of Music in Malaysia, songwriter, music composer, arranger, film music maker)
- song "Adios" EP "Angeles" Eduardo Garcia (music and guitar player from Argentina)
- Video "All I Do is Think Of You" – Michael Jackson Tribute – 5th Year Anniversary 2014 with Clinark from London
- Video "GIVE A LOVE ON CHRISTMAS DAY" with Clinark from London 
- song "Noir" with Agapitov Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation
​- Video "Forever Came Today" Michael Jackson Tribute – 6th Year Anniversary 2015 with Clinark from London 
- video "Off The Wall" - Michael Jackson's Birthday EDMONTON, U.K. - Aug. 28, 2015 with Clinark
- song "Untold Story" from album "Pale Blue Dot" with Kevin Rees from 大阪市, Japan
- song "Give me Kisses" with Zel Florizel from Brazil
- song "Na Mesma Sala" in Portuguese with Zel Florizel from Brazil
- song "We Will Overcome - Angelica Ganea, Giuseppe Mileto (Feat. 48 Artists Worldwide)